And the simple answer is, if you’re asking yourself that question, you probably shouldn’t.

But joking aside, the premier reason I would say if a customer came to me and asked why should I use you over and above a generalist agency, or indeed, my internal resourcing function, would be our procurement network.

Procurement Heads has been operating now for nine years and have built up a network of tens of thousands of procurement experts, in the UK, Europe and globally.

We have a constantly nurtured database of people that we can supply and we’re up to date with what’s happening in the market.

The team and I are always talking to people right across the piece, from senior CPO and executive hires through to people who are embarking on their first or second move in the profession.

So why use a procurement recruitment agency?

In choosing a specialist procurement recruitment agency, you are gaining access to their network and methodology of how they go out and attract talent.

In this day and age, it’s not just as simple as putting an advert on a job board and waiting for people to respond.

And you can see our recent blog on where to advertise your procurement jobs here.

So, it’s a very multifaceted answer, one that I’d love to engage with people on.

Whether you are thinking about procurement recruitment, have never embarked on it before, or, indeed you have and have not been satisfied with the results, please feel free to give me or any one of the team a call to understand how our methodology might be a benefit to you.

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