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Rupert Gaster, Procurement Recruiter and Founder and MD of Procurement Heads, shares some of his thoughts on the state of the interim procurement and supply chain recruitment market.

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So, the trends in the interim procurement recruitment market at the moment are very specific to supply and demand.

And I think demand is relatively speaking high with supply shorter than it has been previously.

And why is this?

Well, essentially as we come into a post pandemic era, a lot of organisations have had pent up demand, so they haven’t recruited for 18 months.

In addition, there are many change and transformation programmes that are ongoing as a consequence of the pandemic and that is causing and creating a need for short term interim projects and consultants to come in and deliver.

We’re often asked how the market has changed in the last year and I think it’s really been a fundamental change.

So, almost 180 degrees. Initially, two years ago, all we were doing was talking about Brexit and the issues that we were faced and how that was impacting the demand we were seeing in the marketplace.

But now as we come to a market that has had very little interim hiring in it for the last 18 months, there have been some significant and manifest changes in the market as a consequence.

So Covid fundamentally changed the recruitment market. We all know that.

I think there was a suppressed market for about 12 months through 2020 and early 2021 as a consequence of that in interim procurement recruitment hiring.

But now I think it has changed for the better.

There are lots more projects, organisations are seeing a very rapid uptake in economic activity and more generally GDP is rising.

But I think what we are also seeing is that organisations are more wider, the UK economy is having some growth challenges as a consequence of the inability to hire in specialist skills.

And this is where interims really do come in because if you want to parachute someone into your business to create competitive advantage an interim is goning be the exact way that you can do that.

Home working is a question that we’re constantly asked about when it comes to interim hiring.

And I think the pandemic has broadened the portfolio of people that might be available for any job at a given time, principally because they might only ever be required in the office once a week.

Interims don’t therefore have to sort hotel accommodation and or travel expenses that come with that.

I think there’s a consequence, there has been a correction sometimes in the day rates that are being for offered and also when you’re doing on a statement of works, the amount of budget that is therefore approved for a hire.

But I think more generally it means that people are able to look at a candidate pool that is more UK and Europe-wide based on skill rather than on geography.

I think the key thing that is happening in the market in the moment as we get away from April the first and the changes in IR35, is that the profile of organisations and their risk then their risk needs is changing significantly.

So as we all start to understand IR35 a little bit more and the risks entailed within it, so the market is opening up a little bit more.

What do we anticipate seeing?

I think an increased demand and a continuing that increase in demand.

At the moment, there is still quite a heavy bias towards permanent hiring, but I think that as confidence in the market returns we will see more interim hiring continue.

Procurement Heads has a proven track record of placing interims into a variety of roles and sectors, such as…

Professional Services Procurement Consultants
A major facilities management and professional services organisation required a number of experienced, high impact Procurement Consultants to be part of their Strategic Procurement Transformation Programme. The interim management candidates were appointed into different parts of the programme with a blend of strategic and operational delivery requirements for UK-wide roles.

Industrial Category Managers
This global defence manufacturing organisation was embarking on a target operating model transformation journey and had an urgent need for category-specific, delivery-focused Interim Category Managers to review, create and implement new strategic category management plans. The interim management candidates were identified, qualified and appointed within a matter of days in both the UK and America.

Pharmaceutical Global Head of Category
A global medical devices organisation was beginning a business-critical strategic NPI programme and needed immediate support at Head of Category level and Category Manager level at one of their European locations. Procurement Heads quickly identified and appointed locally-based individuals from within our international network for these roles based in Sweden.

Financial Services Procurement Consultant
A top 30 fintech organisation was gearing up for growth and approached us to identify and provide an interim Procurement Consultant who could focus on third party risk management and supplier management. Procurement Heads identified an experienced interim Procurement Consultant from within our network who had relevant experience and who was immediately available.

Consumer Procurement Consultants
A global food manufacturing organisation was underway with a post-acquisition integration programme and required additional expertise in global category management leadership. Our interim management team was able to identify immediately available candidates who had the right experience and track record of delivery for roles based in the UK and Turkey.

How does interim recruitment differ from permanent recruitment?

Hiring an interim is very different to hiring a permanent candidate for a number of reasons:

    1. Pace: Usually the urgency of the hire is immediate. This means that the identification of the right candidate and the interview process needs to be very quick and smooth
    2. Experience: Most interim managers are far more experienced than the role requires – this is essential because it means they can parachute into the business and deliver output from day one
    3. Cost: Hiring an interim is not comparative to hiring a permanent candidate – predominately because interims are Immediately available, more experienced and deliver a faster return on investment
    4. Talent pool: Interim management is a very defined talent pool that is much smaller than the permanent recruitment market. It also moves a lot quicker – causing the volume of available candidates to fluctuate significantly day by day

What are the benefits of using an interim recruitment agency?

Using an agency that has a dedicated interim management recruitment team is critical. They will have an already established network of individuals who they have met, appointed previously or who have been recommended to them.

This means that they can turn around a shortlist of prospective interims very quickly and be confident in the ability of those that are being presented to the client. They will be able to benchmark the candidates against each other and will instinctively know people that they trust.

Why choose Procurement Heads?

A lot of agencies will offer interim solutions without necessarily having the extensive network or procurement and supply chain knowledge. Within the interim side of Procurement Heads, we have combined experience of more than 30 years.

Recruitment is a relationships-driven business and the best interim talent reaches out to us to help place them.

As interim recruiters, we have placed people both nationwide and internationally.

With an experienced and well-networked team, Procurement Heads’ interim management offering has seen a significant increase in demand for experienced Interim practitioners.

Our team delivers identified, assessed and qualified shortlists within 2-8 business hours typically. However, we are agile enough to adapt to each assignment individually and ensure the perfect Interim Management Solution.

Has COVID-19 affected your Sustainability, Risk & Innovation strategy across procurement and supply chain?

Has COVID-19 impacted your ability to deliver 2021 business-critical projects?

Are you in need of Crisis Management support?

If these are some of the questions you find yourself asking, then Procurement Heads can help provide an Interim practitioner as a ready-made solution.

Our interim management network spans immediately and imminently available individuals, who are fully referenced and come with a proven track record of delivery. Not only do they have considerable experience in hands-on delivery of impactful solutions, but they are adept at seamlessly integrating across an organisation’s structure and culture.

As a flexible and high-impact resource, you can concentrate on running your function whilst the Interim progresses specific projects as required. Additionally, they invariably leave a legacy of external market insight, best practice expertise and upskill those around them to positively impact the business in the longer term. 

So, whether you’re kicking off a strategic transformation agenda; undertaking operational improvement; integrating an acquisition; readying for disposal or simply need to cover absence our Interim Management team will be more than happy to speak with you and tailor a solution that is right for you and your business.


Who are interim procurement professionals?

Interim procurement practitioners are predominately experienced individuals who have made a conscious decision to deliver project-based or programme-related outcomes on a Limited Company basis.


What are the salary ranges for interim procurement specialists?

The interim procurement market has a broad spectrum of competence – daily rates start from £350 per day and typically increase up to £1,250 per day with the rate determined by the scope, longevity and location of the assignment.


What sort of interim procurement and supply chain roles do you hire?

Here at Procurement Heads, we regularly appoint Interim Managers and Interim Executives within the following types of roles: Purchasing Director, Procurement Director, Head of Procurement, Head of Category, Category Lead, Chief Procurement Officer, P2P Transformation, Supply Chain Manager, Supply Chain Director, S&OP Transformation Consultant.


What benefits can an interim procurement specialist bring to an organisation?

Interims often bring immediate impact, a vast toolkit of experiences and stakeholder management styles, agility, innovation and successful output.


How long are interims in position?

The average tenure is 6-12 months, but the full scope can be between 3 months and 24+ months.


How do I find my next interim procurement role?

You can get in contact with interim procurement recruitment specialist David Hazeldine on:


T: 07780 734743

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David Hazeldine

Procurement recruiter David Hazeldine

David Hazeldine has spent more than 15 years specialising solely in the appointment of Interim, Contract and Temporary candidates and a further 5 years appointing Retained or Exclusive Executive Searches internationally.

With a deep specialist network of Procurement/Supply Chain/Logistics and Distribution/Change and Transformation practitioners, David regularly partners with FTSE100, FTSE250, SME and PE/VC backed businesses on an international basis.


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Jack Birch

Interim procurement recruiter Jack Birch

Following five successful years working for a large FTSE listed recruitment organisation Jack Birch joined Procurement Heads as a Senior Manager on the Interim recruitment side of the business.

Jack specialises in interim and contract roles within procurement and supply chain and is always keen to speak with contractors and businesses for whom interim resources can be of value.


T: 07919 010061

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