5 good questions to ask at a procurement interview

Now, we’ve all been there, we have a good interview, we get to the end of it and we are then asked, have you got any questions for us?

And we’re always trying to think of good questions to ask.

So, I put together five questions you can ask at the end of a procurement interview, which nine times out of 10 will land well.

  1. How will we measure the success of the person in this position?

This gets right to the crux of what you need to know about the job, what does it mean to do well and what we need to achieve in order for the managers to stay happy with your performance.

  1. What are you hoping this person will accomplish in their first six months and in their first year?

Now this question can give you a sense of what kind of learning curve you’re expected to have and to the general pace of the team and the organisation.

  1. How would you describe the culture here?

It’s a nice open question.

What type of people tend to really thrive here?

And what type perhaps don’t do as well.

All throughout the interview process, you need to be benchmarking your own personality and the way that you operate with the culture of the company.

And this can be a really illuminating question.

  1. What do you like about working here?

You can really learn a lot from the way people respond to this question. It also gets through that barrier of the interview, and you often get a very authentic answer.

  1. What’s your timeline for the next steps?

This is a basic logistics question, but it can be really useful because it gives you a bit of a benchmark for when you can expect to hear something back.

It also shows your interviewer that you’re on the ball and keen to progress to the next steps.

Those are my five top questions that you can ask at the end of an interview.

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