What does a recruitment consultant do?

However, it is, in fact, much more than that.

The keyword here is ‘consultant’.

We consult both parties on the current job market, finding the best possible solution for both parties.

For example, with our clients, when we take on a new job, we want to truly represent them and the role they have on offer.

To do this, a recruitment consultant needs to undertake a detailed job briefing, which looks at three aspects.

Firstly, the company, where they are headed and their ambitions for the future.

Secondly, the role and the responsibilities it will entail.

And finally, the type of talent required, whether this is the behavioural aspects or skills and experience needed.

Once we have this, our job is to map out the market and give the client true market insight into how much available talent there is and also what salary and benefits they would need to attract the best talent.

Once we have this we go to market with the role.

How does this differ from an internal recruitment team?

One key difference is that we find our clients not just the available talent, but also the best talent out there.

This may be through headhunting or finding people through our wide network of procurement professionals, either through our extensive database or strong market share on LinkedIn.

Once we find these candidates, we offer the initial screening process, saving our clients time and money by ensuring that the right candidate is sitting in front of them when it comes to the interview stage.

How does a Recruitment Consultant help candidates?

Recruitment Consultants help candidates in a number of ways, but mainly it is about taking time to listen to their desires, needs, motivations and even perhaps what’s not right about their current role.

We take this information on board, ensuring we will put them forward for the right role and to the right employer.

If we don’t have the right role or employer on offer, we proactively go about searching for that opportunity that suits our candidate’s needs.

For me, a Recruitment Consultant adheres to the needs of both parties and understands their motivations and needs to ensure that the right candidate is sitting in front of the right client.

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