Strategic Partnerships

A collaborative approach to procurement.

Our strategic partnerships are mutually beneficial agreements between like-minded organisations who are eager to push procurement to the forefront and deliver great service.

Who are our Strategic Partners?

Over the years, we have forged strategic partnerships with numerous like-minded businesses, resulting in remarkable achievements. Here are a few examples:

Grasshopper Ant.

Meeting the demands of the volatile market, Grasshopper Ant is a procurement consultancy established in 2019, with a unique offering that simplifies traditional procurement methods.

Blending seasoned procurement and supply chain experience, proprietary technology and data expertise – they take a individualist approach to procurement which accelerates the process of value realisation with a methodology that is quick and simple to deploy.

Our strategic partnership commenced in 2021.

Grasshopper Ant’s offering is attracting a strong portfolio of client names and projects that explore and push procurement skills into new territories. 

Grasshopper Ant’s partnership with Procurement Heads draws on years of people experience to ensure we create leading-edge teams to deliver and work with our clients.   

Grasshopper Ant, Procurement Heads and The Hackett Group have developed indirect, direct and commodity ‘virtual benches’ to allow clients to purchase highly experienced advisory by the hour, day, week or retained.

Our teams train, coach, guide and show client teams how to baseline and develop category strategies as part of our advisory offering.

Annie Spilsbury

image of procurement leader simon frost

Frost Procurement Adventurer.

Frost Procurement Adventurer Ltd is the leading procurement consultancy in the food, drinks and pet care sectors.

Founded by Simon Frost, who has more than 20 years of experience in procurement, he has helped many leading businesses to deliver incredible sustainable procurement.

Our partnership was confirmed in 2022, you can read our partnership press release here and our Big Interview with Simon here.

I have a career long passion for procurement. When it comes to the way I work, my ethos is simple. I don’t just deliver the fish – I also teach people how to catch them.

In this way I’ll lock the skills we learn into the DNA of your business ensuring continued benefits well into the future.

I don’t do dull. I don’t use complex jargon or claim phoney cost savings. I do energy, adventure, hard work and excellent results.

Simon Frost


Kaleida International.

Kaleida, founded by Jason Roberts, is a fully-inclusive B2B Marketplace connecting Buyers to Suppliers, and Diverse Suppliers.

Our partnership was confirmed in 2022 and you can read our partnership press release here and our Big Interview with Jason here.

So Kaleida is a fully inclusive B2B marketplace, it is aimed at those who work in sales, procurement, compliance and marketing.

If you look at other existing social media platforms today, they very much focus on the people element, but Kaleida means business, we are about connecting businesses together irrespective of the individuals involved.

Jason Roberts


Procurement Potential.

Procurement Potential offers a range of organisational and people-based solutions, which we personalise to reflect your business priorities and environment.

PSquared is our collaborative service offering with Procurement Heads, tailored around future-proofing procurement functions. You can watch our interview with Tom Lewers here.

We run team and individual capability assessments; lead transformation programmes, focused on operating model and organisational design excellence; coach procurement professionals on good practice procurement; and advise on business partnering strategies.

Collaboration is the best way to unlock value and support business success. The experience to listen, reflect briefly, create and deliver, is what makes me tick.

Tom Lewers


Our Approach to Strategic Partnerships

At Procurement Heads, we value collaboration and believe in nurturing long-term relationships with like-minded organisations.

Shared Values

We seek partners who align with our core vision and values. It is essential that our partners share our commitment to rewarding relationships, exceeding expectations and doing the right thing.

Complementary Capabilities

We look for businesses that possess complementary capabilities and expertise. By combining our strengths, we can create synergies and offer our customers enhanced value and innovative solutions.

Mutual Benefits

Our partnerships are based on mutual benefits and shared goals. We strive to create win-win scenarios, where both parties can achieve their objectives and unlock new opportunities for growth.

Open Communication

Effective communication and collaboration are the foundations of successful partnerships. We believe in transparent and open lines of communication, fostering trust, and fostering a shared sense of purpose.

Strategic Partnerships:
Collaborating with like-minded organisations

Our strategic partnerships are mutually beneficial agreements between like-minded organisations who are eager to push procurement to the forefront and deliver great service, innovation and success.

At Procurement Heads, we believe that forming strategic partnerships can unlock endless possibilities and help us create a stronger collective impact on both the procurement and recruitment sectors.

Why Form Strategic Partnerships?

Knowledge partnerships and collaborations offer a range of benefits that extend beyond what one company can achieve alone.

By combining our strengths, resources, and expertise, we can:

  • Expand Reach.
  • Leverage Complementary Skills
  • Increase Brand Visibility
  • Drive Efficiency
  • Fuel Growth and Expansion
An image of our MD and one of our key partners. Procurement Consultant

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Together, we can unlock new opportunities, drive innovation, and create a lasting impact on procurement.

Contact us today to discuss how we can collaborate and create something extraordinary.

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