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How have you found it since joining Heads?

It’s been phenomenal, I’m really loving my time here at Heads. We’ve had some great activities, we went out surfing, we stayed overnight in Bath and had a meal, which was phenomenal – I had a little bit of a headache for the day after, but it was really good.

And, we’ve just moved into a brand new office just move – everything’s great.

What excites you about your future here?

So, I’m fortunate, as I am a Head of Practice and have lots of scope to be able to grow the brand within the industrial sector, which is exciting.

Why did you choose to join Heads?

Rupert sold it to me and I love what he is trying to achieve with his legacy, and I think that I can help him achieve that as well as achieve my own goals in a smaller organisation outside of the large corporates that I have been used to.

What three words would you use to describe Heads?

I’d say ambitious, innovative and collaborative.

Finally, why would you encourage someone to join the team?

If you are looking for a place that you can call home, I would say if you’re looking for a place where the people will look after you, they’ll give you a fountain of knowledge they’ve accumulated over the years and can provide you with a guide through the early stages of your career, particularly then this is a great place to come.

And if you’re a more experienced Recruitment Consultant, you can make probably more money than you ever made anywhere else.

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