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How have you found it since you joined Heads?

So, I’d say it’s been a really smooth onboarding process.

People have been really supportive, but equally have given me very quickly scope having come in as a more experienced hire to go out and make things happen, as I say, but with that background of support and help and training on the nuances.

So it’s been a really good onboarding experience.

What excites you about the future?

I’m really excited about the future.

I think it’s very obvious that there’s lots of room to grow – personally, professionally here.

There’s a lot of upward headroom.

I’m keen to establish myself as a firm part of the senior management team within an exciting, growing market-leading business that I’ve every confidence has the scope to get there and for me to be a big part of that.

Why did you choose to join Heads?

I came to Heads as an experienced hire, having worked for five years in a sort of larger corporate recruitment business.

And the things that appealed to me about Heads were largely reputationally I had even prior to joining and I’ve seen it in the delivery now, having been here for six months, but I had heard excellent things really, both in the market professionally and also from others within recruitment circles that I’ve known.

They’ve got some really impressive stakeholders, but they’re very people-centric as a business and that’s come through in my entire experience with them.

What three words would you use to describe Heads?

I would say Heads are experts. I would say they are very agile and I would say they’re people-centric.

Why would you encourage someone to join Heads?

Why would I encourage them?

Well, I guess a lot of the reasons that I’ve touched on really, I think it’s a very genuinely exciting place to be. I’ve seen it in the six months I’ve been here.

It’s been on a growth path.

It’s rocketing along that growth path and looking at the business, the reputation in the market and what there is out there still to achieve.

It’s a really exciting place to be a part of.

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