The power of a well-nurtured network

However, one thing that has stood us in good stead, in terms of placing procurement professionals during the war on talent, is the strength of our network and standing within procurement circles.

The data backs up this claim, with 75% of our applications in August coming through our website and well-nurtured database.

How have we managed this?

  • Through cultivating passive and active candidate pools
  • Placing great value on developing and nurturing relationships, which enables us to support people through the life cycle of their careers
  • Pivoting our business model to focus on five key areas: Industrial, Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences, Consumer, Professional & Financial Services and Public Sector

We know that procurement and supply chain recruitment is a niche area of expertise but are incredibly proud of our reputation.

A reputation that means the best people come to us when looking for their next procurement role, or hire.

Why is there a war on talent?

  • Brexit, furlough and the pandemic have created a perfect storm
  • The best procurement specialists are in multiple processes
  • Organisations are afraid of losing key performers and are therefore offering highly competitive packages to retain their best employees
  • Vacancies continue to rise across most sectors
  • Job applications have tumbled quarter-on-quarter

How could missing out on a business-critical hire affect your company’s plans moving forward?

  • The best talent is being snapped up at a pace I’ve not seen in my entire recruitment career
  • Marginal gains are more important than ever, and in losing out on top talent you could be missing out on a competitive advantage
  • May impede your own personal objectives and prevent targets from being hit

What can we offer?

  • Alongside leveraging our active network and database, we are able to use our market understanding to leverage the passive market – those candidates who are not actively applying for roles but would be a good fit for your organisation
  • We also utilise LinkedIn and top specialist job boards such as Supply Chain Online to give your role the best coverage
  • Our experienced team will manage the entire recruitment process for you


  • If a permanent hire isn’t suitable right now, we can provide interim solutions to enable your business to push on with its original business plan for the remainder of 2021

Why now is the right time to engage a professional recruitment agency

Recent research from a leading provider of labour market data and analytics Vacancysoft shows that companies directly published more than 210,000 professional vacancies in the first half of this year, which represents only 3.6% fewer than during the entirety of 2020.

If you are considering your options with regard to a business-critical procurement or supply chain hire, I’m confident the team will be able to tailor a variety of solutions to meet your needs.

For an informal discussion about how we can support your procurement recruitment needs, call Procurement Heads on 01962 869838 or click here to email the team.

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