Volunteering with CIPS

Hayley Packham volunteering at the CIPS event

This is an annual event that encourages young people to look at their career options post-education. It was great to see Neil and Phil talk so passionately about Procurement as a career and actively engaging with the young people with a series of games and prizes to bring Procurement to life. 

Not many of the young people knew what Procurement is, but they were clearly interested once we told them it involves buying ‘stuff’ with other people’s money! 

There were lots of questions asked about the CIPS qualification and salary expectations and we were able to share market insight with them. 

What was really interesting was that a lot of the students were really focused and interested in environmental factors and how buying can affect the environment. 

This made for a great talk on sustainable Procurement which is becoming more of a hot topic for a lot of organisations. 

There is such a talent shortage of Procurement professionals, that it is paramount that we attend these events frequently to encourage and inspire future CPOs to make a difference! 

If you want to understand more about how CIPS South of England operate and the people behind the operation, read Procurement HeadsBig Interview with Neil Clark, where he gives more information about the organisation and his career in Procurement. 

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