Interim Management Bulletin: Covid-19 Update

The volume of video and standard calls that I’ve had with existing and new contacts this week has increased significantly.

Spanning multiple sectors (predominately Pharmaceuticals/Consumer Healthcare/Medical Devices/FMCG/Food & Drink), I’ve listened to a wide spectrum of personal and corporate perspectives on the current impact the pandemic is having and what has been really pleasing to hear is the commonality and intent to look forward and start putting in place the foundations of the new business as usual.

Whether it be procurement-focused, Supply Chain Management focused, Consumer Engagement or “Go-To-Market” focused – the overriding sentiment is that we can no longer let the shock and surprise deter us all from saving, sustaining and ultimately growing our individual businesses and roles.

There are obvious concerns about when to “press the button” to ensure safety and guidelines are adhered to, but this confirms the message is now a “WHEN” and not an “IF” – which is in the best interest of everybody. To this end, my network of Interims is finding their phones and emails are alerting them to more initial discussions and video interviews and they are being asked about how soon they can start.

Interim Procurement practitioners, Interim Supply Chain & Logistics practitioners, and Interim Change & Transformation practitioners are ready and waiting for opportunities to parachute into a situation and start positively impacting the short, medium and long-term of each and every business out there.

To enable and expedite these business-critical projects, I am willing and able to ensure that a relevant experienced practitioner is part of the briefing process when I’m presented with a mandate to fill – this is at no extra cost to the client and under a signed NDA to ensure confidentiality, accuracy in scope and maximisation of ROI.

For more details please reach out to me or the Procurement Heads team and we will be happy to help.   

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