The Procurement Toolkit

Whether it’s from the perspective of a job search for you or a talent search for your team, developing a thorough understanding of the drivers behind the person, or the strategy behind the hire is fundamental in getting the match right.

So how do we go about doing this?

Well, think back to a time when you met with a specialist consultant to discuss your job search. 

If you were asked the right questions and in return provided some good examples it will have allowed them to build up a very clear picture of the breadth of your experience and the variety of tools you have available within your procurement tool kit. 

This process should also have given you a very good impression of how precise the consultant’s understanding of the function is, thus demonstrating their credibility. 

Equally, it’s important you’ve given some thought to how you’re going to sum up your career story to help us to better understand your journey. 

Keep it concise, and to the point and quantify your achievements wherever possible to give a clear picture of the size of the budgets you’ve handled, and how effectively you’re able to identify and deliver cost savings across your designated category spend areas.

Examples of questions you should be asking yourself

  • What in your opinion is your career-defining moment?
  • What’s your best stakeholder engagement story?
  • What are the biggest category savings you’ve made?
  • What’s your proudest achievement as a manager?
  • Have you won any industry awards, or been recognised by your company for any outstanding achievements?

It’s wise to keep a well-documented catalogue of your triumphs. 

This may sound obvious but it’s amazing how much of the detail can get forgotten along the way. 

Think about your procurement tool kit at all times; the category strategies you’re implementing, the various projects you’re involved in and the procurement systems you’re rolling out. 

Be prepared to talk openly and in depth about what you’ve achieved and what makes you tick as this will enable us to find you the next challenge that fits your expectations.

The same can be said for any position you decide you’d like us to source talent for. 

If you’re involved in a substantial change project, for instance, we’ll be best placed to find the right individuals to assist with the transformation if you take the time to detail precisely the kind of procurement tool kit you require them to have. 

In any recruitment scenario, it’s important to establish a clearly defined set of requirements. 

When we work on your recruitment brief we will insist on face time with you to be able to really get down to the bare bones of what we need to deliver for you. 

We want to understand the culture of your business, your vision for the future and the type of individuals you believe will help you to deliver this vision.

For a confidential discussion about your procurement job search, or to talk about how we can help you with your next procurement recruitment project please get in touch today.

You can contact James Dobbin, Head of Practice for Procurement Heads‘ Financial & Professional Services offering on 01962 869838.

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