Procurement Heads and Frost Procurement Adventurer announce partnership

Together, our mission is to put procurement firmly on the map and ensure procurement delivers incredible value in every business we work with.

Rupert Gaster, Founder and MD of Procurement Heads, said, “I have known Simon, the founder and MD for many years now – he’s incredibly passionate about procurement!

“His reputation in the market is second to none, and the fact he is so knowledgeable about sustainable procurement aligns perfectly with our desire to lead the debate on this crucial topic with candidates, clients and procurement influencers.”

Simon Frost, Founder of Frost Procurement Adventurer, added, “Procurement Heads shine head and shoulders above their competition – they don’t just want to fill roles with the very best talent, giving their candidates an excellent experience; they go so far above and beyond, generating critical debate and thought leadership about how procurement transitions to the future and is a driving force at the core of every business”. 

Rupert added, “Our vision at Procurement Heads is to deliver recruitment as a professional service, but we recognise that recruitment might not always provide the only solution for our clients.

“That is why we have set up a number of strategic partnerships, with leading organisations such as Frost Procurement Adventurer, to offer an array of options to our clients’ challenges.”

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