Procurement Heads’ Interim Offering

We are very proud of our well-established, market-leading reputation specialising in the permanent recruitment of procurement professionals across the Consumer Financial & Professional Services, Industrial, Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences and Public Sectors across London and the wider United Kingdom and now offer a specialist Interim procurement recruitment.

We are working exclusively with limited company contractors with a vast breadth of experience, knowledge and skills, to provide a flexible workforce solution, be it short or mid-term, that meets the demand for niche skills, headcount challenges and key projects.

The benefits of interim procurement professionals

Our flexible talent pool of interim specialists provides highly qualified expertise.

These contractors will ‘hit the ground running’, delivering end-to-end project management.

One of the main benefits of this is to enable you and your team to focus on business as usual without increasing headcount.

We’re using a highly professional and easy-to-use e-platform that will allow you to manage all aspects of the interim process, including timesheet authorisation, with complete visibility.

The platform can be accessed from any device, including mobiles, giving you ultimate control.

How long does this take?

We’ll provide you with a specialist resource to meet and interview within 24 hours of calling the Procurement Heads team and in some cases, you can start the process immediately.

Give us a call on 01962 869838 to discuss your requirements further or contact us here.

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