Sustainability and its role in recruitment in the world of procurement and supply chain

As a Recruitment Consultant, one of the questions I am asked most often by candidates about hiring companies is…

“What are they doing around sustainability?”


  • People want to feel proud of where they work – from a recruitment perspective, an organisation that has embedded sustainability is a far more attractive proposition to the best talent.
  • Mainstream and social media continue to shine a light on environmental issues which has helped to highlight the impact unsustainable supply chains have.
  • Authenticity is crucial – the best talent in the procurement and supply chain space don’t want to work for organisations that say one thing publicly and do the opposite in reality.

Since joining Procurement Heads, I have been passionate about our commitment to sustainability.

Alongside Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, sustainability is one of our key pillars and crucial to our plans moving forward.

At Procurement Heads, we are fortunate to have a significant network of procurement and supply chain professionals, and we want to continue to play an active role in shining a light on good sustainability practices within the industry.

We are proud Ambassadors of the Sustainable Procurement Pledge, a pro-bono community of people committed to embedding sustainability into their procurement practices – and sharing the knowledge and tools of how to do so. 

Find out more about the Sustainable Procurement Pledge here

As Procurement Heads’ Founder and MD, Rupert Gaster, said, “As leading procurement recruitment specialists, we have a key role in helping the SPP achieve its vision of all global supply chains embedding sustainable procurement practices by 2030. 

“We believe that in leading the debate around sustainability with candidates, clients and procurement influencers, we can make a real difference.”

Furthermore, businesses that aren’t embedding good sustainability practices now – will struggle long term – and where they may have good people on board now, retention will be an uphill struggle.

I’d be interested to hear what your organisation is doing with regards to embedding procurement and supply chain sustainability, please get in touch directly to share your thoughts.

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