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One of the most valuable ways an individual or business can demonstrate their values is through Corporate Social Responsibility. When Procurement Heads was founded, we felt there was no better way of reflecting our ethics than by forming a charity partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support. Over the years, we’ve worked hard to raise awareness and funds for a cause we consider most worthy. Collectively, we’ve raised over £16,000 for Macmillan and continue to look for new ways to continue putting money in the pot!

The collaboration with Macmillan has required some unique thinking on our part. We want our fundraising initiatives to add real value to the people and businesses we partner with as well as raising all-important funds for the charity itself. As a result, alongside the many fun and sporting challenges we set ourselves and our network, we have created The Heads Up – a referral scheme inspired by our continually growing and evolving network. The idea is, that you can thank us for a great experience by referring your friends and colleagues, and for every person that we subsequently place into a new role, we will donate £250 to Macmillan Cancer Support once they have passed their probationary period!

The positive impact of referrals for any business is incredibly valuable, and we want to encourage and promote this as we continue to grow, while sharing the benefits with a charity that means so much to us. So if you have someone in your network that you feel could benefit from joining ours, get in touch with us today.

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