There has been significant publicity around the war on talent over the last two to three months, and that is showing no real signs of abating as we head into the new year.

I take a marginal gains view on this, every little thing that you can do will count towards your hiring strategy.

So, I think the thing of profound importance if you are to outsource your recruitment is to select a recruitment partner you absolutely collaborate with.

What should you be asking for from your procurement recruitment agency?

  1. Timescale or timeframe for delivery – I think it’s really important that the agency you select has a really clear idea how long, when and how you will attract the best talent for a role
  2. How are they going to go to market – what will they do that’s different, what innovation will they bring that helps your organisation stand out in the market
  3. Where are they sourcing talent from? There are lots of stock answers but actually innovation is key here when you are looking for exciting fresh talent
  4. What will they be doing to attract candidates? They should be able to articulate different ways they are attracting talent
  5. What is their track record for delivery? This is probably one of the most important things. At Procurement Heads we are happy to put you in touch with procurement leaders we have worked with on recruitment campaigns, so that you can reference us, see our track record and understand whether partnering with us is the best route for you

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