At the moment Procurement Heads has several Category Manager jobs and Procurement Manager jobs available that we are busy recruiting the best procurement talent for.

With so much on offer it can be challenging to determine which opportunities really are worth pursuing, but you can narrow things down by asking yourself a few key questions during the search, application and interview process:

1) Does the job advert inspire you, communicating more than just a list of demands for skills and experience?

A procurement job advertisement is one of the most important pieces of marketing available to an organisation.

If it’s flat and uninspiring you could find this attitude mirrored in the organisational culture.

Businesses that truly value their employees will find ways to promote this in every aspect of their communication.

eg: We are looking for a Head of Procurement to manage a team of five within a growing business. Applicants must have at least 5 years of experience managing a team and be able to demonstrate strong communication and negotiation skills.

Or…..Our procurement function is integral to our success, acting as a key driver of positive change and enabling substantial growth across our business. As a result of this continued growth, we are looking for a Head of Procurement to lead our small but dedicated team and help our business achieve the next phase in its development.

Which opening line would motivate you to dust off your CV?

2) Does the role offer you the scope/progression/challenge you’re looking for?

People pursue new procurement job opportunities for a multitude of reasons and it’s important to understand your own motivations if you’re going to focus on the right opportunities.

There’s nothing more frustrating for job seekers or employers than taking time to go through an interview process only to discover that the commute is too long, the salary too low or the dynamics of the role not quite right.

It’s very tempting when you’re busy to just fire off your CV to anything with an interesting job title but by taking time to read the fine print and conducting your due diligence around the company you will save yourself precious time further down the line.

3) Did the business deal with your job application/enquiry in a positive way?

The way a business manages job applications really is a window into its soul.

Applying to a job role takes time, thought and consideration so it’s vital for organisations to acknowledge this in the way they manage feedback.

A well-put-together, thoughtful and timely response to job applicants, irrespective of their suitability, reflects a commitment to working in a people-centric rather than a transactional way – something procurement professionals in particular will understand in today’s market.

4) Did you enjoy the interview process?

OK, so interviews can be nerve-racking and stressful but they can also be interesting, thought-provoking and inspiring.

Behind every great job specification is a real-life business filled with people who could potentially be your colleagues.

When you go to the interview it’s your chance to get a feel for what it would be like to work with them – to understand how you could add value to what they do and in turn how they could enhance your own professional capabilities.

The way you feel after you step out of the interview room speaks volumes about whether the opportunity is one you should pursue.

If you step out smiling and feeling positive then you know it’s something to channel your efforts into. If you walk away feeling unsure or negative then you need to carefully think through your commitment to the opportunity.

5) Is the offer commensurate with your expectations?

It’s not all about the money but remuneration and benefits are important factors for most job seekers.

If you go through a really positive interview process only to be offered the bottom end of the salary range or to be told that a key benefit has been withdrawn, it can easily impact all the goodwill that has been built up.

If this does happen to you it’s always worth voicing your concerns with the company before walking away – as long as everything else is still ticking your boxes.

Good things are always worth fighting for and most employers would rather reach a compromise than lose a fantastic candidate so far down the line.

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If the procurement job-seeking process still leaves you feeling daunted then why not put yourself in the hands of a professional, knowledgeable and experienced procurement recruitment agency that can guide you every step of the way and make sure you’re pursuing the right opportunities!

As an experienced procurement recruitment consultant, I am responsible for sourcing the best talent for procurement jobs in the Financial & Professional Services sector.

The range of roles I manage includes everything from Procurement Director, Head of Procurement, and Chief Procurement Manager as well as Category Manager jobs, supply chain jobs, purchasing jobs, Senior Buyer jobs and Procurement Manager jobs.

For more information about James Dobbin and full contact details, visit my meet the team page.

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