Menopause in the Workplace

Build a supportive culture and equip yourself with the knowledge needed to manage the menopause in the Workplace | 21st March 10:00 AM

Join Jen Gaster, HR Heads, & Craig Elvin, Executive Heads, as they welcome Lela Brooke for an online session designed to explore how companies can build a supportive culture.

Topics covered:

📌Facts and symptoms
📌 Workplace context
📌 Policy & Engagement
📌 Training & Support

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A culture of silence means the impact of the menopause in our workplaces is often hidden.

According to research by Standard Chartered* only 22% of women and trans men currently experiencing the menopause disclose their status at work. Worries about social stigma are a bigger blocker to disclosure than preferences for privacy and there was strong support for action to reduce that stigma.

Organisations are losing talent because of the menopause. Amid a culture of silence and the impact of symptoms, the menopause is holding back people from progressing and in some cases staying in work. *Research shows it has made them less likely to want to apply for a promotion.

A quarter of employees currently going through menopause said their experience has made them more likely to leave the workforce before retirement. With the right support, people can stay and progress in the workplace.

Research has a clear message: just as employers have with mental health, we need to break the stigma and taboo on the menopause. Many people we speak to, where this has had a big impact on their working life believed that, had they known more about the menopause and been given support, they would have stayed in work or progressed.

Menopause support at work really is a win-win situation. For employers, it helps to recruit and retain valuable staff, protects them from tribunal and demonstrates they are a responsible organisation and a great place to work. For employees, it means they can access support when they need it and continue to thrive in the career of their choice

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