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I have been with the lovely Procurement Heads for two weeks now and was just keen to give a bit of a snapshot overview in terms of what I’ve been seeing in the interim procurement market so far.

My remit is very much specialising in interim roles within procurement and supply chain and the short message is that it still seems very busy.

We’re literally within touching distance of Christmas, in my experience of recruitment, previously we’ve seen everyone is out of office and Jingle Bells is on the radio, but at the moment there is still a lot of activity out there.

I’m still working with clients who are hoping to make a hiring decision this side of Christmas and certainly January is looking likely to be a really busy month with lots of roles out interviewing and I expect a lot of new remits to come in as well.

By way of trends I’m seeing, we’ve been actively partnering with a number of organisations, particularly across the South and London in terms of geographical hotspots. That said, as you’d expect, the majority of roles are being offered with mainly, if not fully remote work, which opens up the world a bit anyway from that perspective.

In terms of the sectors seeing particular demands, we are doing a lot of work within the public sector and with government-funded organisations at the moment. I think that is partly some of these of course will have budgets which will tie in for a year-end upcoming after the end of Q1 next year. Secondly, we’re seeing a number of these organisations going through large scale transformations type programmes.

So, skillset wise, I’m always on the lookout for Buyer, Senior Buyer, Category Manager type people.

Category wise, what I’ve seen so far, IT and healthcare seem to be the most in-demand areas, but also Procurement Analysts are very much flavour of the month actually at the moment – again, I think that will tie in with a lot of your transformative type work, digitalisation projects and the like, so if that sounds like your sort of thing it’s a really good market for you.

I’m keen to keep in touch and connect with Interims and if you’re a business thinking about some potential support on a project going forward I’d absolutely love to hear from you.

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