I succeeded very well as an Associate, was promoted up to Recruitment Consultant in September 2021, which has been a really good journey and I’m now looking to make Senior Consultant in the next few months.

What are some of your key learnings?

My key learnings within recruitment and in my 10 months at Procurement Heads have been to always be resilient and persevere in my work.

There are a number of challenges in recruitment, which you do face, but, if you are resilient and have that characteristic, you will always succeed.

What three words would you use to describe Heads?




What are some of the highs and lows of recruitment?

Highs of course would be the first placement you make and the buzz you get off that, there’s no better feeling and obviously, the monetary reward that comes with that and actually being good at what you do is good.

Some of the lows, as I’ve already mentioned, when stuff doesn’t quite go your way, whether that be a candidate withdraws, counter offers etc, but as I said, one thing this role has taught me is to be resilient, persevere and it will work out in the end.

You get a lot of support from line managers at Heads, who will help you a lot, you won’t just be left to your own devices and to face these challenges alone.

What’s the culture like?

That’s another high about this job, the team and the feel of the company. We’ve done various team events, nights out in London, a great Christmas party at the Ivy in Winchester and also one of our pillars here is sustainability and we do a number of charitable events around that, for example, cleaning Warsash beach.

So, if you’re big on the social aspect and sustainability then it’s a good company to be a part of.

What do you like about the role?

The main thing I enjoy about recruitment is that you reap the rewards of what you put in, so, the harder you work the more lucrative recruitment can be.

Of course, there are other benefits on top of that, the fact that no day is the same, you are constantly presented with challenges, new projects and mandates and it’s always fun and exciting trying to work around these challenges you face.

It’s a very social and interactive position, in which you’re constantly dealing with people, therefore if you’re a people person and thrive off that sort of thing then you’ll certainly enjoy working as a Recruiter.

Why would you encourage someone to consider joining Heads?

I recommend joining Heads, particularly if you’re starting out in your career because it’s a great place to join.

Take me, for example, I’ve been given all the tools and utensils to succeed in procurement recruitment.

You are given ample, support, guidance and training from the very outset of joining, which continues on even now that I’ve made Consultant I am still given training on how to manage my desk, how to sell, how to be a good Recruiter and I think that is the key part.

Being a smaller boutique organisation you really can have a say in where the company is heading as well, they listen to your advice and changes which you would like in the organisation. They will take that on board.

As well as that, they tell you what is on the plate from the outset in terms of what is offered.

They are very honest and upfront in what you’re going to be paid and the commission structure, which is a very competitive structure.

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