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Why did you choose to join Heads?

So I think from the off for me it was a really open and honest process, I could see myself growing within the company and it was just from there on that I was sold.

How have you found it since joining?

I’ve thoroughly loved it since I joined Procurement Heads.

What excites you about the future?

I really like the way the business model is in terms of the sort of five-year plan as well as the incentives on offer. For example, we’ve got Dubai next year and we’re well on our way to smashing the target.

Why would you encourage someone to join Heads?

I think it’s somewhere that not only as a business they’ve got the two MDs that have grown their business to grow up to perform well, but they actually care about how their colleagues and individuals are growing as well it’s not just all about them, it’s about the team as a whole.

What three words would you use to describe Heads?

I’d say dynamic, exciting and collaborative.

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Craig Elvin, Director

07469 076614


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