Sagar Bhardwaj

Sagar is the Head of Practice – Consumer and joined Procurement Heads in 2022.

Why did you choose procurement recruitment as a career?

I like to think that recruitment chose me, not the other way around.

I quickly grew a deep appreciation for the impact a quality Recruitment Consultant can have on an individual’s life and career as well as supporting exciting businesses.

Choosing procurement and supply chain was the best decision I could have made.

Procurement professionals play a quintessential role as catalysts for change and innovation in businesses.

Specialising in the Consumer sector and being able to work with the experts behind the products and services we use every day has always been the most fascinating and interesting part of my job.

What sort of procurement roles do you recruit and where?

I recruit Senior Management level procurement and supply chain roles across the Consumer sector.

What qualities do you believe are integral to being a successful procurement recruiter?

Integrity – operating with honesty and integrity is the foundation of a strong client/recruiter relationship.

Consultative and knowledgeable – being an expert in the procurement market, understanding the challenges, opportunities and priorities of procurement professionals in my sector to add value to every relationship.

Trusted advisor – building credibility and trust that your recruiter will not only provide useful and commercial value but also understand the client’s needs to introduce the best talent possible.

What do Procurement Heads’ values mean to you?

Procurement Heads’ values are the reason I chose the business.

Experiencing a business that truly lives and breathes its values in everything they do at all levels is a rarity.

Our values – doing the right thing, exceeding expectations, rewarding relationships – are all built around customer-centricity and developing relationships built on trust and adding value.

And our purpose is to deliver recruitment as a professional service, what does that mean to you?

Recruitment is often seen as a sales role, but it most definitely is a professional service – being market experts in recruitment, talent development and specifically recruitment within procurement, offering our clients a consultative and commercial service to support their business and team development goals sits at the heart of the role of Recruitment Consultant.

How has procurement changed during your time recruiting into the sector?

Until recently, procurement has often been regarded as an operational role.

However, after the events of Brexit, COVID and the many macroeconomic shocks over recent years, procurement teams have been the knights in shining armour identifying and mitigating risk at all levels and acting as instigators of change and innovation for businesses.

After many years, Procurement has a seat at the table and rightly so!

What inspires you?

Community and relationships make the world go around – building relationships and adding value to those around me is my core driver and the prospect of having a positive impact on the lives of those around me inspires me to work harder every day.

What 3 words would you use to describe your professional self?

Calm. Consultative. Cheerful.

What do you enjoy most about procurement recruitment?

I most enjoy networking and building relationships with truly awe-inspiring procurement experts and learning about the business-critical roles they play within their organisations.

What are some of the biggest highlights since you joined Procurement Heads?

My whole experience of the business has been a highlight.

Being surrounded by a fun, motivated and genuine team of professionals has been a breath of fresh air and a true inspiration.

Being a part of the company’s 10-year anniversary celebration was a particularly memorable experience.

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