Lucy LoRusso

Senior Manager

Why did you choose procurement recruitment as a career?

Having commenced my recruitment career in 2008 in a generalist role, I quickly gravitated toward the procurement and supply chain sector. It was mid recession, companies were realising the importance of spend management to mitigate their losses and I soon became genuinely interested in the function and it’s importance across business.

Procurement is an ever evolving landscape, with new strategies, new obstacles and new focal points. There is currently much conversation around ESG, where procurement will be at the forefront of implementing improvements and I very much look forward to partnering with clients as they navigate this next chapter.

What sort of procurement roles do you recruit and where?

I look after the ‘Make’ pillar focussing on automotive and manufacturing across the UK. This covers procurement and supply chain from middle to senior management.

What qualities do you think are integral to being a successful procurement recruiter?

Both Procurement and Supply Chain are complex functions. To truly recruit the very best talent for a company it is imperative to really understand the sector and the nuances of each individual role.

For me, I like to ensure I understand each company and their specific supply chain, their short, medium and long term plans and the importance of this hire to them. When it comes to candidates, you need to scratch beneath the surface to truly appreciate what will appeal to them, where they will add value and which opportunity will be the right fit for their career path.

The perfect matches are made when you take time to ensure that both parties plans align.

What do Procurement Heads’ values mean to you?

Having been immersed in the world of procurement and supply chain for 15 years, I was ready to move forward by joining a company who live and breath procurement.

There has long been a perception of recruitment being a ‘sales’ role. It never has been for me, it’s always been about providing the very best service, building relationships, getting results but never relaxing my morals and ethics. The Procurement Heads values of ‘Doing the right thing’ and ‘Exceeding Expectations’ resonated immediately.

They take their Corporate & Social Responsibility seriously and I look forward to supporting on their EDI and Sustainability commitments.

And our purpose is to deliver recruitment as a professional service; what does that mean to you?

It means being a trusted partner to our customers in an ongoing strategic way.  On hand to fill their vacancies but also bringing more to the table. To be consultative, to share knowledge and to add value.

Being a recruiter is more than filling live roles, for me it’s about championing the sector, it’s about sharing knowledge and ideas and ultimately supporting both the organisation and the people in my network to grow and develop.

How has procurement changed during your time recruiting into the sector?

When I first started in this sector, the focus was very much on cost and savings. Over the years organisations have enhanced the functions to be more robust and strategic. The last few years have thrown a number of curv balls and now more than ever there is , with good reason, a focus on risk and sustainability. As organisations work to mitigate risk and to achieve their sustainability goals, I would anticipate a significant increase in supplier relationship management roles.

What inspires you?

People achieving something that they once felt was out of their reach. People standing up for what they believe in, but in a way that encourages others to be open to their line of thought.

What three words would you use to describe your professional self?

Conscientious, Detail-orientated, Empathetic

What do you enjoy most about procurement recruitment?

I love learning about the individual organisations I support. Their supply chains, their challenges and being part of the solutions.

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