As if the challenges of Brexit and Covid weren’t enough to deal with, delivering sustainability is falling squarely at the door of Procurement, with one of the biggest priorities being Net Zero and Sustainable Energy. The questions are: “Where to start? How should Procurement support their own business? And how do we deliver sustainable energy with our supply chains?”

Simon Frost, instigator of this webinar, realised not only did he not have the answers to these questions, but many others in the procurement community didn’t either!

This insight triggered positive action – that the procurement community needs to work together building up their knowledge and skills to deliver sustainable energy.

Simon Frost from Frost Procurement Adventurer is joined by experts within the energy and sustainability sectors to discuss the skills needed to deliver sustainable energy.

During the webinar, we will cover:

  1. Procurement’s role in sustainable energy
  2. How a business can use significantly less energy
  3. How to source sustainable energy
  4. Network implications


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