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We felt that Howard Scott, with his wealth of experience and knowledge using The Colour Works Insights Discovery Model, would offer procurement leaders valuable information and tools to transfer to their day-to-day working life, transforming the way they do business – to encourage outstanding results from their teams.


Procurement Heads leadership forums are designed with you in mind.

They are a great opportunity to network with like-minded professionals in the industry, gather market-leading information and discuss hot topics and best practices.

We usually spend the first half-hour of our forums getting to know everybody else in the room.

For this event, networking was essential. Howard asked the room to assign sections of the insights discovery model to those they had spoken with that morning.


This particular style of forum offered plenty of opportunities to interact and get involved.

Regular discussions were encouraged between tables – about how to motivate and encourage individuals, how to inspire teams and to recognise strengths and weaknesses and how to utilise, develop and improve those. 

The Insights Discovery Model

Each attendee was asked to complete The Colour Works Insights Discovery Model prior to attending the forum, which generated a unique personality report.

At the end of the forum, each attendee was presented with their report, which outlined the individual’s key strengths and weaknesses, the value they bring to a team, management styles and decision-making skills.

The report also detailed areas in which the individual could develop, areas that can easily be overlooked.

Key takeaways

  • Howard used each report to discuss with attendees their individual management and leadership style
  • Attendees discovered how to improve their team’s performance, by helping build confidence levels – achieved by understanding themselves and their roles better
  • Finally, the session taught how to find engaging and practical ways to develop Procurement teams and create a more positive working culture

About Howard Scott and The Colour Works

Howard has been part of The Colour Works team since 2011 and combines extensive senior management and leadership experience – gained through over twenty-five years working in media publishing businesses – with a powerful ability to engage with and support people towards exceptional performance.

He is a highly-skilled communicator, presenter, facilitator and coach with an enviable ability to unlock Director potential. He works to enable people to achieve brilliance by getting out of their own way. As well as being an accredited Insights Practitioner, Howard is also a qualified and accredited executive coach and mentor, a member of the EMCC, The Association for Coaching and a Fellow of the ILM.

The Colour Works is made up of Personal, Team and Leadership Development specialists who have been transforming performance globally for over a decade. As a whole, The Colour Works exists to equip individuals with the knowledge, tools and confidence to fulfil their own potential and deliver better results, at every level of an organisation. Since 2003, The Colour Works has supported over 100,000 individuals from across the globe, winning awards along the way.

The Insights Discovery model lies at the heart of The Colour Works. Derived from the psychology of Carl Jung and recognised by the British Psychological Society (BPS), the model is accessible, insightful, memorable and applicable. The awareness and meaningful language the model brings gives teams and leaders a framework with which to engage, challenge and build trust, whether the journey is a brief networking presentation or a year-long people development strategy.

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