Interim Talent Spotlight #5

For Procurement Heads‘ latest Interim Talent Spotlight, David Hazeldine hears from a highly experienced procurement practitioner who has developed his career by executing and creating purchasing and procurement strategies within indirect categories across a variety of environments including manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.

My core skills are across Category Management and procurement function leadership, involving functional transformation, strategy development and end-to-end process improvement in a global environment.

In addition, I have expert knowledge of outsourcing the procurement service.

My experience is largely within manufacturing organisations, including pharmaceutical, chemicals, electrical hardware, packaging and point of Sale.

I have been involved in several transformational programmes throughout my career.

Some of the most notable include leading one of the procurement streams within an organisational-wide global supply chain transformation project, which involved process and systems changes to improve commercial performance.

I believe change is partly about the endpoint and largely about the journey to get there, often people need the most help in understanding how to get from where they are to where they want to be.

My approach is to build a collaborative and productive relationship, which starts with understanding their perspective, motivations and measures. This allows me to build my engagement strategy, to ensure I approach each stakeholder as they are and not how I am.

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