Stop Press! New employee week 1 wrap up!

The newest member of the Procurement Heads team, resourcer Lucy Sharp, recaps her first week in the business and how she's fitting into the team culture

Q: How was your first day as a ResourcerĀ at Procurement Heads?

LS: Day 1 in any new job can be intimidating, meeting new people, making a good impression and understanding office quirks. I have never felt more welcomed and at ease with a new employer and that is a great testament to the communication we have shared before Day 1 began. The team here at Procurement Heads are supportive, encouraging and passionate in sharing industry tips with me which has made it easy to immediately feel a part of the daily team rhythm.

Q: What is the office like?

LS: I have not worked in a flexible workspace office or open plan before, so I was not sure what to expect, but was a little apprehensive about how I would settle in.
After a quick whirlwind tour, the centre piece was quickly identified as the coffee maker which keeps the team firing on all cylinders! My personal favourite is the Fortnum and Mason style hamper full of enticing fruit šŸ‰ which I dip into each day.
Open plan working is LOUD and full of energy. The number one benefit I have identified is that we call across the office to colleagues to share information rather than spend time formulating emails.

Q: How did you find making your first call?

LS: After some time spent psyching myself up and a horrendous role play with my boss, I sat down, dialled the number and got started. It wasn’t scary at all. I am not in control of how the recipient of the call will react and that is the thing that makes you nervous, not the call itself or what you are going to say on it. I received lots of positive feedback and plenty of constructive advice. Apparently, I sound more natural and confident on the phone than perhaps I felt.

Q: Have there been any standout highlights in the first week?

LS: Yes…several.Ā The great thing about working for Procurement Heads is the fantastic exposure to business men and women in blue chip companies. On my second day I shadowed a client meeting and gained a flavour of the first step of the end to end recruitment process.

Q: What were the top take aways from that meeting?

LS: To go in with a plan, know that you have a product to sell, but be very conscious that the whole conversation could be flipped in a way you weren’t expecting. It is exciting to have to be very flexible in my mindset.
Although you’ve probably heard it before there is nothing more appropriate than the ‘selling the pen’ analogy here which my boss was eager to share with me. I fell into the classic selling pitfall of talking up my product with all its best features according to me rather than for the client. This simple technique has already served me well to increase engagement.

Q: Do you feel that you are starting to bond with the team?

LS: Absolutely! Every month we get together out of the office over coffee, lunch and on this occasion, breakfast, which I was particularly happy about. We met bright and early at our local cafe to enjoy a full English together, share some office banter and reflect on the week so far. There is already much talk and anticipation over the coming Christmas party. We rounded the week off in style with some fizz and a final welcome to the team.

Q: You have joined a team that is proud of their sporting endeavours. How do you fit in?

LS: I have exchanged my gym visits with cycling to and from work and have gone green into the bargain! The team have noticed my high vis kit and can see me coming from across the courtyard. I am looking forward to joining in with them, but have started in the time-honoured tradition by lifting a pint in the pub!

Lucy Sharp