Get to know Senior Recruitment Consultant Sophie Cook

Tell us about your professional journey that brought you here.

Senior Recruitment Consultant Sophie Cook

After graduating with a degree in English Language I was unsure of what career path I wanted to follow. Shortly after my final exams, I got a call from a FTSE 250 recruitment agency and the rest is history. My first year in recruitment was a steep learning curve, but I really enjoyed it – so I went on to develop my experience in the industry from there.

I spent time with a Procurement recruitment agency in Southampton, progressing through to Team Lead in the Interim division. It was during this role that I discovered a passion for the fast-paced nature of Interim.

I joined the Procurement Heads team in 2018 because I found their forward-thinking approach to recruitment very refreshing, and I instantly connected with the business values of integrity and loyalty. I now manage the Surrey & Sussex market, as well as heading up the Procurement Interim division.

What does the average working week in the life of Sophie look like?

No two weeks are ever the same! My time is split between working in the office (whilst cuddling the office puppy Josie), working from home, and out meeting clients and candidates. I love being out meeting my candidates and clients, and the variety of it all keeps me on my toes!

What is your favourite Procurement Heads memory?

Our end of year celebration in London was brilliant! I really enjoyed getting away with the team for the weekend. Our jobs are very busy, and we all work so hard, so it’s really nice to be rewarded at the end of the year.

I was also very, very happy the day Josie (the office puppy) arrived!

Describe your personal self in three words.

Personable, organised and considered.

Recruitment Consultant Sophie Cook. Procurement Recruitment agency

What does success mean to you?

In my opinion, taking time to reflect is a good way to measure your success. I always think back to myself 6 months ago, myself 1 year ago, myself 5 years ago, and consider how I’ve grown and developed in that time. I believe if you’re moving forward and learning from your past (especially from the mistakes we all make along the way!) then you’re achieving success.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your younger self?

Be confident, stand your ground and don’t worry so much!

Landing in recruitment fresh-faced from university I think it was fair to say I was a little timid at first. But over the years I’ve grown in confidence and learnt not to spend time worrying and rather tackle things head-on. I deal with people day in day out, and I’ve learnt to see everyone as equals – I’m not perfect but then neither are my clients, candidates or my colleagues. I think that this realisation this has made me a far better consultant and advisor to those I work with.

Describe someone with a set of qualities you would value the most?

Someone who is honest, modest, loyal and vicarious.

What’s your greatest professional success?

I considered myself successful when returning to procurement recruitment (after some time recruiting in another discipline) and contacts I’d known years prior reached out to re-connect. It felt good to know I’d left an impression and was welcomed back as a valued consultant in the industry.

What TV series you’re currently watching?

The last series I watched from start to finish was “You” on Netflix …. So gripping! I’m now hooked on “Line of Duty”.

What job would you be genuinely terrible at?

Anything that involves getting muddy, being outdoors in the cold or lifting heavy objects!

What’s your signature drink?

I am always up for a gin and tonic, whatever variation.

Pet hate?

People confusing genuinely and generally – must be the English Language student coming out in me!

Guilty Pleasure?

Eating Nutella straight from the jar…shameful.

Recruitment Consultant Sophie Cook meets Josie (Head of Barketing)