Not just a Marketing function!

When you work in a small company, it’s not uncommon to get involved in a number of activities that don’t make up your standard ‘roles and responsibilities’ list. That’s what makes our job so exciting!

Our Marketing department is tiny (but mighty), made up of two Marketing Managers: Caroline Clarke and Helen Harling. Overseeing our day to day Marketing activities – everything from events to social channels, strategy creation to budgets and from charity fundraisers to, as of last week, property searching. Yes, property searching!

The Heads Marketing team took on the task of viewing some properties in the local area – some beautifully finished and ready to go, and others a little rougher around the edges that required a lot of work – but, being in Marketing we’re naturally creative and between the two of us we have the positivity to take a project from feeling daunting to quite exciting. There has been discussion around bare brick walls, pool tables and beer fridges, industrial lighting and, obviously, an iced prosecco dispenser. We’re after large, light spaces for an open plan desk area which we plan in skandi design, frosted glass partitions, private meeting rooms, comfortable talking spots and floor to ceiling branding tastefully throughout.

The Procurement Heads family is growing, and although we love our beautiful offices – we’re going to need more space very soon. Working in central Winchester is a huge bonus for the team – we’re a short walk away from a wide range of shops and lunch spots, and less than a 5-minute walk to the pub!

We take an all or nothing approach in our small Marketing team – we rarely say no and we’re happy to rise to any challenge. The more varied, the more exciting our days are. It’s a real positive to have such open visibility and involvement with the goings on of the business, and it’s genuinely rewarding to be trusted with taking on projects as important as finding the new office!

At Procurement Heads, we whole heartedly believe that you should enjoy coming to work – after all, it’s where we spend the majority of our time in the week. We’re lucky enough to have a fantastic team (and we’ll have that wherever we go!) but for our new office, the desk space should facilitate best performance, there should be space to sit and think, privacy for confidential conversations and the all important ‘down-time’ space for lunch breaks with the team or Friday evenings celebrating another great week in the office.

Watch this space!

Caroline Clarke