One week in recruiting

Cameron Carter reflects on joining the team and his first week in Procurement recruitment.

After many years in the property sector, joining Procurement Heads, and a career in recruiting, represents a completely new industry for me.

At my previous company I’d made it to regional manager level, however, a ‘30 life crisis’ approached and I decided a new career was needed.

I’ve always been interested in recruiting and have had some good experience of recruitment within the property sector.

So, I thought, why can’t these and other skills be transferable?

The first thing I had to do was find a company that I wanted to be a part of, one where I’d fit in and that has good practices and great ethics.

Arriving at the company’s office, it dawned on me that it was my first interview in nine years.

I was greeted by Senior Manager Hayley Packham, whose warm welcome immediately put me at ease.

Despite the nerves, I managed to get invited back the following week to meet founders Jen and Rupert Gaster.

“They’ve even got a company dog!”

The second interview involved more warm welcomes, smiles and the confirmation that this was a team I’d want to be a part of, they’ve even got a company dog!

Interviews concluded, offer received and a start date confirmed, a new career in recruiting loomed – as did plenty of learning.

Although the first-day nerves were there, my suspicions had been confirmed; this is a great team to be a part of – I even got my own mug!

Jen has led on the on boarding process and shown us exactly why the company’s success is built on its core values, to exceed candidates’ and clients’ expectations.

The first few days flew by and the time spent with my new colleagues has been invaluable in enhancing my understanding of processes.

I’ve also been able to spend time talking to some brilliant candidates and respected clients, with conversations that challenge and engage from the very beginning.

Week one soon came to a close and in truth it’s rare to come across such a harmonious and collaborative office.

The team is all pushing in the same direction, with complete confidence in each other.

There have also been a good few laughs along the way!

It’s a simple thought to end with; the traditional me wants to run before I can walk but here, I’ll get the opportunities to learn the sector the correct way in good time with good people.

Bring on week two.

In recruiting....Procurement vacancies in Hampshire, Dorset, London, Berkshire, Surrey and Sussex.

Connect with Cameron to find out more about the roles he is currently working on. Email him at or call him on 01962 869838.

Cameron Carter