Having A Successful Impact In A New Procurement Role

If you want to make a good first impression in your new post then it is important to make a good start. You will have to adapt to new systems, processes and chances are you will have a culture shock. Having a flexible attitude and being able to demonstrate a desire to be a part of the businesses success will be beneficial to make that positive start.
Everyone has a 90 day plan and often you will find it goes out the window. All your well-made plans will be changed as you imbed yourself into the company projects and requirements so it is good to keep the following in mind – Comprehend The Business, Understanding The Procurement Structure and Strategise For The Future.

1. Comprehend The Business

Procurement roles are all about stakeholder management. Meet with the key personnel to understand their expectations and understand your responsibility in terms of spend, budgets, organisational strengths/weaknesses. Be flexible and align your own strengths with the needs of your stakeholders to ensure your strategies will have the most impact. Remember it is not just the senior stakeholders you should get acquainted with, get an understanding of the breadth of the whole operation as you can discuss your business goals and identify positives and negatives quickly and strategise accordingly.

2. Understanding The Procurement Structure

The importance of the procurement team is more clearly recognised in some organisations and less so in others. Get an understanding of the perception of procurement and its engagement throughout the business. A well established and highly performing structure is less likely to need a change of ideas, however decentralised procurement teams looking to transform their processes will be open to transformation and you will be able to promote good processes and change.

3. Strategise For The Future

Identifying low hanging fruit for quick wins will help make a good start yet it is important to strategise for the long term. It doesn’t always have to be about making savings, it can be using lean skills to simplify processes or targeting a problematic supplier to resolve a headache for stakeholders. Remember to be flexible and open minded in the early stages in order to maximise your plan so you don’t hit road blocks. Compromise when required to reach the end goal. Get an understanding of what works, what needs changing and share the benefits to the business for amendments to get buy in and approval. If you can get decision makers on board early you will find the respect will filter through the business and you will establish your credibility.

Creating a good first impression with your new business is important however it shouldn’t just be a tick list of things to do, it should be a plan on how to continue moving forwards. Be personable, show willing and a desire to be successful and you will be off to a great start and a good future.

Hayley Packham