Chizoba’s first two months with Procurement Heads

First days are always daunting, and when the possibility of being late is heightened because you rely on the park and ride; the nerves are tripled.

Sophie, our Surrey and Sussex Manager, answered the door suited and booted ready for her client meeting for later on that day. Sophie was a beacon of professionality when she opened the door, so immediately the bar was set high and I felt the ambition in me grow.

Everyone was incredibly welcoming… “Hello!”, “Welcome to the team! How are you?”, “How was your journey in?” – they had even laid a breakfast of pastries and juice out for me! It was a warm and enthusiastic welcome that immediately settled my nerves. My desk was set up complete with my own mug that the Marketing girls had bought me, my accounts were up and running and my work mobile was ready to go – it was an organised and efficient beginning. I was shown around the office and was thrilled to discover a Nespresso machine in the Procurement Heads kitchen – so if you come to the office, expect a perfect crema!

My first day was spent learning about the company, how it had grown since day one, the importance of our vision and exactly how we aim to reach it. Rupert, our MD, is a cornucopia of knowledge when it comes to the procurement industry (I remember being dumbfounded by the number of acronyms that he used that day!) and I soon realised; there is a lot to learn!

Two months on, and I have been figuratively ‘thrown in the deep end’. Initially I was coached through conversations with candidates and given a few hints and tips – but pretty quickly I was given the green light to get on with it myself. I’ve never seen a script, which I like, because talking to people and building relationships organically is something I really enjoy, and having that freedom encourages an authentic rather than forced and robotic relationship. I have noticed that everyone in the team has their own way of communicating to build that crucial, trustworthy relationship with everyone we speak to.

Of course, with honesty comes trust, and I have had the pleasure of working with an abundance of great and interesting candidates. By the end of my first week, I was shattered! I had spoken to many candidates, written job adverts, critiqued CVs, been to two client meetings with my fabulous manager Hayley Packham and even shortlisted some candidates to jobs!

So far in my short recruitment career with Procurement Heads, I’ve hit the ground running.

Having now eased into recruitment, with my understanding of procurement ever growing, it is evident that procurement is a thriving industry, and I feel very fortunate to be part of an increasingly successful SME recruitment company right in the middle of it. The atmosphere in the office is not only inspiring but it’s also booming with knowledge. We all sit together, everyone’s focussed, the conversations are unique depending on the roles we’re working on, some days are challenging but the general sense for success is overwhelming. We are a diverse and powerful team together and the feedback handed back and forth is both honest and informative, and a huge part of why I feel that I have come so far already. I can see the benefits of being given the freedom to work in the style that suits you best – everyone is so successful in their own way.

With a vision to be the Leading Specialist Recruiter of Procurement Professionals, we focus on consulting with our candidates, colleagues and clients. Placements are always a bonus, of course, but if we can genuinely help someone within their role, coaching for interview or even by helping them update their CV then we are on our way to exceeding expectations – we are not a transactional business, we genuinely care about our network.

Having, myself, come from large corporations like Starbucks, the ease and agility is not only noticeable in conversation with candidates but also at Procurement Heads in general. We are not bound by corporate bureaucracy, which means that we can try anything and everything to improve our offering and meet our client’s needs. Welcoming change by having inclusive team discussions ensures that we are all unified as we change and develop. It is business best practice to share experiences, knowledge, successful recruitment methods and processes that haven’t worked so well. The meetings we hold internally are inclusive; everyone’s suggestions are listened to and this is, I believe, how success is achieved. As a result of this open discussion, we are always trying new ways to adapt to our clients and candidates needs, and so we are ever improving.

At Procurement Heads, we work really hard to impress and being agile and forward thinking in our approach means that, more often than not, we do! We constantly adapt to the ever-changing market. You can count on us to make something work because what’s better than noticing a gap in the market –  a marketing tool we could utilise, a sourcing method unbeknown to other agencies, a candidate perfect for a colleague’s job and then being able to act on this minutes later? Our unique way of working means we are constantly championing engagement, thought leadership and innovation to exceed your expectations.

In summary, I have loved my first two months with Procurement Heads. My knowledge grows every day, I can see the impact I have on the business and I have made some great friends. I am looking forward to what the next few years has in store!