‎️‍🔥 Being part of a team. Self-employment was great, but people often forget it can be lonely and having the opportunity to bounce ideas off colleagues whether content ideas or candidate fits, having a team will be super advantageous for personal development. It’s been great getting to know the team the Heads Resourcing Group.

🔥 Learning about public sector industries! I’m fortunate enough to be working in the public sector team with Saria and Hayley so keen to understand the procurement challenges in central and local government, charities, the education sector and the armed forces to name a few.

🔥 Education to the wider world! I’ll be speaking to procurement candidates within the public sector and understanding their challenges within the role. Already I’ve established they can find themselves spending a disproportionate amount of time ‘doing’ and managing procurement activities rather than leading and developing their teams.

🔥 Sense of achievement. Whether helping a client find the right team member or candidate the right role, it can often mean an improvement in their personal and work lives. Whether the values of the company align with theirs or the salary is bigger, I’ll be helping candidates and clients alike find the right team member.

🔥 The earning potential. I bet you didn’t think I’d mention this! No point ignoring the elephant in the room, recruitment can be rewarding in more ways than one and can sometimes be one of the driving forces people chose a role. Of course, this isn’t the only factor!

If you’re in the procurement industry, share with me some of your challenges…

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